Hi there! I’m Marina.


I believe that design is about shaping experiences that are purposeful and memorable, so I lead with the needs of people. While I typically follow an iterative process, I can adapt to the unique methodologies of many organizations.

I’m a broad thinker and like to tackle projects from different angles, being both creative and analytical in my approach. I’m opinionated but open-minded, constantly seeking ways to improve and refine my craft. I obsess over the details, whether it be words or pixels.

Nice to meet you!

Design Journey

I discovered my passion for design about halfway through my tenure as product manager at HubPages. After leading a site-wide redesign and getting a taste of the magic, I completed six design courses through UCLA while continuing to work full-time. I knew something was odd when I realized my weekends were spent creating personas, experience trees and wireframes. Design reminded me of debate, an activity I pursued for seven years prior to completing my undergraduate degree. Debate, along with my bachelor’s degree in international relations, ignited a zeal for communication and different perspectives that I bring to all my endeavors. These experiences also greatly sharpened my analytical abilities, teaching me how to synthesize information into accessible arguments. Needless to say, pivoting from product manager to product designer has been an organic and rewarding adventure!


When I’m not designing things, I love to read fiction, listen to podcasts, and experiment with cooking. Games (minus athletic ones) have been a lifelong hobby and bring out my competitive side. I also like to discover new musical artists and create playlists on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Let’s Chat

Having recently completed my Masters degree in HCI from the University of Washington, I am seeking exciting new opportunities at organizations that are thoughtful, adaptable and passionate about the ways in which design and technology can better our everyday lives.

Find me on LinkedIn or send me an email at m.lzrvc@gmail.com!