About Me

Nice to meet you!

Currently designing next-gen networking experiences with Cisco. Previously at UW in Seattle getting my Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction and Design (MHCI+D). Before that, I played a dual design/PM role at a user-generated content community startup, which is incidentally where I discovered my passion for design.

My approach to design

I believe that good design is purposeful and memorable, so I lead with the needs of people. While I prefer to follow an iterative process, I can adapt to the methods of many teams and organizations. I’m passionate about the full spectrum of product design, in particular those moments of clarity or inspiration that propel a team forward. I love working with others to transform ideas into reality – design is a team sport!

Outside of work

In my downtime I like to read, listen to design and technology podcasts, experiment with cooking, and travel to new places. I love playing video games, board games, tabletop RPG games, bar games, cat games…you get the idea. Past life fun fact: I was a nationally-ranked debater in high-school and college.

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