Hi! I’m Marina.

I’m a Product Designer based in the Bay Area. Currently @ Cisco.


Design thoughts

I believe that design should be purposeful and produce experiences that are memorable, so I lead with the needs of people. While I typically follow an iterative process, I can adapt to the methods of many teams and organizations.

I’m a broad thinker and like to tackle projects from different angles, being both creative and analytical in my approach. I’m opinionated but open-minded, constantly seeking ways to improve and refine my craft. I shamelessly obsess over the details, whether it be words or pixels.

Other things I like

When I’m not designing things, I like to read fiction, listen to podcasts, and experiment with cooking. I’m also a fan of video games, card games, board games, tabletop RPG games, bar games, and cat games.

Let’s chat!

Find me on LinkedIn or send me an email at m.lzrvc@gmail.com